7 Fun Things To Do In Tribeca


With its cobblestoned streets, quiet neighborhoods, and light-filled loft apartments, Tribeca has established itself as one of New York City's most desirable neighborhoods. The district was able to surpass the Upper East Side as the city’s richest precinct and is one of those special places that people who can afford to live anywhere choose to make their home. 

Tribeca glitters with its own charms that makes it an outlier in the usual districts New York is well-known for. Its quiet sidewalks are a world away from the lively streets of Manhattan and it doesn’t boast a shopping dreamland like 57th Street or 5th Street. What Tribeca has within its borders is a low-key type of exclusivity accentuated by attractions and activities that spell luxury in a hushed, but impactful way. 

Here are 7 cool activities that prove Tribeca is one of the coolest (and most glamorous) kids on the block: 

1. Dine at a Michelin star Restaurant
Though a number of delightful restaurants fringe the neighborhood, one particular gem stands above the rest. Two Michelin star Atera, originally by Matthew Lightner, is one of the most high-profile fine dining destinations in all of New York City. The tasting room has recently reopened with a new menu by Chef Ronny Emborg made up with a well-curated list of choices he describes as “highly technical” while “maintaining the integrity of ingredients.”

2. Take yourself out on a wine tasting date
Award-winning wine bar Terroir gets a bigger sister outpost in the district’s Terroir Tribeca. The wine destination by Paul Grieco boasts of more than 150 bottles that will surely satiate any type of wine lover. In addition to wine, the outpost also offers beers and special selections of drinks for the fermented grape juice lovers. 

3. Go knife shopping
Shopping for knives and specialty tableware takes a luxurious twist at Korin. The showroom, which opened in 2002, lets anyone get a chance to own Japanese and Western-style knives and other table trinkets. The shop alone is definitely a feast for the aesthetic lovers with its high-ceilinged place and Shoji-lined area. Watch knife masters sharpen blades and take your very own Misono Swedish steel knives at the end of the day. 

4. Kick back and relax at a shop-café
Where can you find a place that sells handcrafted bicycles, leather wallets, Plowshare coffee, and pastries? Shinola, a Detroit native brand, finds its NYC home in Tribeca. The shop-café hybrid features a variety of Michigan-designed favors and perfectly mixes the aesthetic of the Motor City with NYC history.

5. Refresh your wardrobe staples
You can’t feel like a true New Yorker without stocking up on crisp, classic staples like tanks, camisoles, and sophisticated strappy tops. You can find all these at Nili Lotan, a store cum studio that features closet essentials designed specifically for the New York clientele. In addition to the basics, the shop also features trendier garb for the more fashion-forward muse. All pieces come in their signature dark-hued solids. 

6. Savor a dry-aged steak
Dylan Prime is popular to a varied range of clientele thanks to its no-nonsense atmosphere and menu. There are many creations for the palate that this restaurant can receive praise for, but check in and order its dry-aged steaks for a real delight. Try any of its five cuts and be creative with your choice of crusts and sauces (highly recommended is the Maker’s Mark bourbon sauce with the rib eye!). 

7. Scour items from an obscure designer
Most of the items in Patron of the New have expensive price tags but seeing rare items from obscure designers like Denis Colomb and Nicolas Andreas Taralis is already a delight in itself. The shop features an international collection of almost everything under the sun, from hand-carved wooden shoes to coffee-scented soaps. 

New York City might be the busiest city on the planet and Tribeca is a place reserved for those souls who prefer to enjoy their luxury in a muted, peaceful, and sophisticated way. To learn about the latest homes available in the area, reach out to Noble Black or browse our website for more information.


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