An Architectural Take on the Perfect NYC Apartment

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While open kitchens, outdoor space, and location are all popular wish list items for real estate shoppers, the perfect apartment is defined by much more. When you step into a space, you want to feel at home, and far more goes into that than just an open floor plan. The perfect space is often the result of the interplay between the architecture that serves as the canvas and the décor that functions as the finishing touches. So, what makes the perfect NYC apartment?

No matter your price range, how you incorporate natural light into your space can make or break the entire apartment. From a tiny, north-facing apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows to a grand penthouse with a stunning skylight, the importance of allowing light to filter into your space can never be over-estimated. Bathing your apartment in light not only provides you with a great foundation to base the rest of your décor on, but it can simply make everyday life much brighter.

Along with light comes the importance of a view, which can vary from a sweeping vista of Central Park to an outdoor space where you can grow your very own garden and enjoy a private refuge from the concrete jungle. A view from any height can be truly transcendent, not only defining the space but also how you and others feel when they enter your home.

Privacy and Flow
Maintaining the delicate balance between open-concept and too open is not an easy task. It is important to make sure your space flows well and that your apartment is a welcoming space, but it should be designed in a way that also maintains homeowners’ privacy. Having a communal space for lounging, spending time with family and friends, and entertaining is key; the home often revolves around the kitchen, therefore the kitchen, dining room, and living area should connect so that each space flows together to create that open feeling. The one space that should surely be private is bathrooms, lavish and equipped with the finest finishes, bringing the luxury of a spa into your home.

Touches of the City
Why is it that Manhattanites love the city so much? The easy answer: what’s not to love about New York? There’s just something about this city that gives people life, helps them thrive, and makes them never want to live anywhere else. Many therefore find it important to incorporate reminders of the city and its past into their homes. Whether it be through a feature brick wall, a vintage fireplace mantle or a view of the glorious skyline, savoring the original details and blending what makes the city so unique and loved into your home can make your space truly extraordinary.

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